Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Just want to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded Desktop Pain, the new Nem270 EP. If you have yet to check it out, the EP is available for stream on bandcamp and, since Triple You Tapes ran out of free bandcamp downloads, available for download through Mediafire.

A few words on Nem270:

Nemanja Gostimirovic is a musician/producer from Bosnia, currently residing in Ottawa, Canada. He has been producing tracks over the past couple years generally for Bay Area rappers like the Green Ova crew (Main Attrakionz, Squadda B, Mondre, Shady Blaze) and Yarrow Slaps. He even produced a track from Lil B's Bitch Mob mixtape. Nem possesses an incredible ear for hip hop production and is highly prolific. He mixes elements like modern hi-hat fluttery, chopped soul samples and vintage bass rumbling, harvesting a unique and remarkably distinct sound.

Desktop Pain is a hand-chosen collection of Nem270 instrumentals from the past few years that were either shelved or simply too weird to rap over. I was given the privilege of personally selecting and sequencing the tracks over the past six months or so. Included are some serious bangers like "Bay Area Milka" and "Short Fuses" right next to psychedelic beat gum like "BGO" and "Tapeng A Wave." The collage used for the middle of the cover image was made by Gnarfield and I designed the font and the layout.

Stream the EP below then download for free and share.

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That Zoned out Mackin beat>