Friday, February 24, 2012


Falling hard for "Via" from Mombassa, Kenya's W@zushi & YOme. Thanks to Fader's Benjamin Lebrave and his Lungu Lungu column for highlighting the track, produced by YOme's Manager/Producer/Father Wawesh Mjanja. A self-described "Kenyan Visionary," Mjanja helped found the label Penya Africa before moving from Nairobi to coastal Mombassa. According to Fader, he's been producing forward-thinking tunes for "a number of promising young artists" like his daughter and W@zushi, a Swahili rap duo. Check a download of "Via" and stream two more YOme tracks from her Reverb Nation page below.



Also... "The Official Kenyan New Year Celebration Party Anthem" a.k.a. "VUKA MWAKA"

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