Monday, February 6, 2012


Leaving Records' 18th release will be the long-awaited Resolutions cassette by EMV, available in physical and digital formats February 21. Leaving Records has given me the go-ahead to post a couple of my favorite tracks from the tape. I've decided to present two distinct faces of EMV. The first is "Foodborne," quite grimy and driven by a hazy beat sure to enjoy the company of a weedsmoke plume. The second, "Blue Pop (Popped)," shows off EMV's taste for groaning and gritty yet contemplative ambience. Throughout Resolutions the motifs of stoned percussion and ambient cloud meandering intersect often, making for a vast and unsettling slice of advanced beat music/sound collage.

Check out those two tracks plus Dem Hunger's Yellow Bubble Remix of "Porch Step" below, as well as a video Walter Gross made for his remix of EMV's tracks "June Bug" and "Old Hat New Clothes."

EMV - Foodborne

EMV - Blue Pop (Popped)

EMV - Porch Step (Dem Hunger Yellow Bubble Remix)

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