Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have seen and heard Patrick Clifford sort of reluctantly telling people about his Color Rabbit project at least twice while waiting between sets at house shows in Northampton. One night I specifically remember him having a hard time describing his music to someone who kept giving him the "yeah yeah okay" nod. Soon after, I found his Awarenessness CDR in the experimental stacks at WMUA and eventually he sent me some more music.

"The Womb Experience" is one of those tracks, a thick collage of ambient vibrations. I guess the easy out would be to call it womb-like, warmth pumping in and out of the track's four minutes like some time-lapse proliferation of green life. However, the track never seems to birth anything. Instead, the piece recalls gestation, every small tick and flit necessary for the final organism to be born naturally. Sort of like waiting for your lunch to digest before jumping into the pool, but with graver consequences.

Check out the track below, stream a bunch on Myspace and help the dude out by grabbing a tape or a CD-R from his blog. He also has another band I don't know anything about so maybe you'll hear bout that business soon.

Color Rabbit - The Womb Experience


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