Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am pleased to present to you Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 4, the end of the first year's cycle of quarterly FBC compilations. However, it's not much of an end to anything -- all signs point to starting a new season this Summer so kick back, enjoy this one and reminisce with the previous three volumes here, here and here.

As with the two previous compilations, Volume 4 will be available in a physical format as well as the free digital download available below. The difference between this one and the past couple will be the format, Volume 4 being dubbed to cassette tape as opposed to burned to CDR. The switch-up reflects a collaboration with Olympia's Wild Animal Kingdom Records, who asked me a few months ago to curate the April edition of their excellent Monthly Mixtape Club. April happened to coincide with the next month in line to release a comp, so my submission featured selections from FBC4 mixed down into two 19-20 minute sides.

Since the tapes would normally only be available to MMTC's 40 or so subscribers, I decided to make some very similar tapes available for purchase through these pages, acting as the physical copy of the comp. The audio will be the same, the package as follows:

1 solid white cassette tape with mixed media collage
1 printed J-card, hand-stamped on the back with the tracklist
1 linoleum print by Gnarfield (details on this and the identity of Gnarfield are on the way)
all snapped up in a unique soft plastic case

As always, these objects are unnumbered, potentially unlimited and are meant to be shared so buy a tape and dub a copy of the tape for your friend with your own inserts included and tell them to do the same for someone else. REMEMBER -- the music is FREE, the complete packaged object costs $5. Click the Paypal link below to pre-order your copy (sample images available shortly), which will start shipping by the end of the month. Also since MMTC only allows for a c40-length mixtape, the digital version of FBC4 will be presented with bonus tracks and re-vamped tracklisting.




1. RxRy - Aoen Eyseai Flouors (Demo). While the identity of one RxRy was sort of revealed at SXSW, his sounds remain mysterious -- paced glacially and shrouded in extra-terrestrial hums, it's no wonder why the dude refers to his sound as "DROWNSTEP." This is a micro-genre I am okay with.

2. matthewdavid - Desert Moon. Technically this was the first track I received for this edition of The Club. Recently I was sent a revamped version, much more crisp and just as wobbly. If you aren't up on him, he runs LA-based Leaving Records (Dak, Ras G, Dem Hunger, etc), works for Alpha Pup Records and is associated with dublab.

3. SiFunk & Garmunkle - Pixelated Marshmellow. These dudes are out of New York and help run the Astro-Nautico blog/label with Kuhn. They had this to say:

"we're not really sure what to make of it. some kindergarten recess theme song or melted ice cream on the pavement."

4. Mane Mane - Hidden Dap. More blap goop from the two Manes C Powers and heRobust. Chris says "Hidden Dap is the party blunt mane." I cannot agree more.

5. Persona La Ave - Backroads. Downtempo warps from the upcoming Brothers tape, which is shaping up to be very cool. Stay tuned for more information on that in the coming month(s).

6. Luke Perry - Phone Freak. Rad jammer from Luke's new Brainwave's Rerun Crunch album which I don't think has been released yet but should be soon. This one sparkles then hits some Rangers riff then shoots off to the stars only to get slimed with Gak.

7. Nowa Huta - Antlers. From London. On Tri Angle Records. Riverdance clapstomps for all you dark-core whatever the fuck they call its.

8. How To Dress Well - Can't See My Own Face. The sound of your airbag deploying in slow-motion. The impact is horrendous - everyone dies but you, the driver. Will appear on the new The Eternal Love 2 EP, droppin real soon.

9. Chat Room - BMX to Karate Lessons, BMX to Freedom. A song was written that references riding your bike to Market Hotel with a backpack full of PBRs. I don't live in Brooklyn (and I don't know how much longer Market Hotel will continue operations..) but I can't even imagine how many dudes do this regularly. Get off your fixed gear bullshit and HIT SOME GOD DAMN JUMPS.

10. Happy Family - Youtube. This is only the sixth Happy Family song I've ever heard, so I was happy to see Will send it over. I was even happier to hear it will be on an upcoming Wigflip Records compilation (details still brewing). Way pleasant branch sways as the tire-swing that's always been attached to it spins with you in the middle as a child. Ain't nothin wrong here.

11. heRobust - Half Fool. One half of Mane Mane also down with the sharpslaps. Burn this comp to CDR, blast it out your windows-down-Hyundai and turn it up when this comes on. The honeys will hear, I promise.

12. Inflatable Mattress - Karen's Dub Part 2. Dude's got a couple mixtapes down. Get into em. Quick lil reggae bouncer.

13. Mind Rippers - Heather & Donna. Luke Perry + CH-Rom + Nick from Speculator = Mind Rippers. Way more subdued than the other couple songs I've heard, in a good way.

14. Tangles - Cruisin. Sort of sounds like a mix between Mark McGuire and Pure Ecstasy. Way lazy, probably would be good to listen to in the Summer while laying in medium-length grass that has been tended to properly.


how to dress well said...

really love you jeff goldblum

Babee said...

amazing comp, thank you! :)

C Powers said...

5 Tbsp Crunkiso
4 Tbsp Dro
3 oz. immaculate syrup
2 cups of peanuts
6 tsp of real shit
1/2 cup of vinyl sound

Place all objects into blending vessel. Add 3 activated tablets of human juice serum and put under arrest for improper concrunk. Serve high immediately.

Anonymous said...

Mind Rippers = Ducktails

nick said...

haters gonna hate!

Scott said...

Great work, as usual. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

ducktails = stale
mind rippers = fresh as hell

no lost witches said...

drowning in these bands that i have never heard of before and can not wait to explore. thanks.

md said...

need that tape !