Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tim Perry from Weed Diamond also makes music as Lush Cola. I met Tim and the other Weed Diamonders in Austin. One night we slept in the same parking lot and they introduced me to a different sort of carbonated beverage, watermelon flavored Four Loko, which they happen to rave about here. Thanks guys.

According to the label, these songs are like a whole bunch of various things:

"They are driving a Gun-Metal Black Lincoln Continental on the interstate at night
They are riding your bike in a rainstorm when the lightning comes out
They are trying to fall asleep early on a weeknight"

I have never done the first thing and I haven't done either of the second two in quite some time but I'll take their word for it. These pieces aren't as much songs like their Weed Diamond cousins, instead they pass by as ethereal drones, each touching on a separate pleasant mood and riding it out.

In that Fader Fort interview, the band talks about wanting to see The xx at SXSW. This album sort of reminds me of an even more low-key/less bored xx that stays away from songs and sticks to exploring specific moods and is not wrapped up in any zany 'goth' connotations and fashion.

In "Squeeze Your Love Out For Me," the vocal harmonies belong in a stained glass church. They make it a point to take their time, easing along with lazy drum machine clicks. "Teaching a Bull How to Sit and Stay Sitting" adds warm washes of guitar, contrasting with the cold thud of the drum sounds. I especially dig "Cola," where some progression exists and the beat builds over five minutes, not necessarily more rewarding than other tracks but perhaps the most exciting.

These Lush Cola jams are available from Patient Sounds for FREE DOWNLOAD (along with all their other releases) OR on tape for $7 OR if you act fast you can treat yourself to their BUNDLE OFFER of one each of their five tapes for $30, shipping included (until they sell their last Smelly Magic tape, then it'll be 4 tapes for $25, shipping included).

Lush Cola - Squeeze Your Love Out For Me

Lush Cola - Cola

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