Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Earlier this month I posted up a track from Buffalo Moon called "Poolside Dreaming," mentioning how the weather had finally decided to turn into Spring in Western Massachusetts. Though that glimmer of hope faded fast (it even snowed yesterday), May hits us very soon. However, we need a little more oomph to really drive it home.

Cue the last song on Buffalo Moon's Wetsuit tape, "Beach Boy." This track almost seems to be separate from the rest of the cassette, a classic pop gem among the sounds influenced by South American psychedelia. Have you been swooning over that new Best Coast song? Want to rot your teeth on some more super sugar? Don't know where to turn? Look no further.

All signs point to Moon Glyph still having copies of the tape, so peep this new sample, grab your copy of Wetsuit HERE and stay tuned for their upcoming 7" and an all-covers album this fall.

Buffalo Moon - Beach Boy



Buffalo Moon - Poolside Dreaming


Cristóvão said...

love the song. who did the swimming pool painting?

JeffGoldblumLife said...

dunno, might wana ask the band -- it was in their myspace photos