Thursday, September 29, 2011


Orange Milk Records messaged me yesterday about three new tapes that they just dropped, a Quilt/Developer split, Sundrips' One Hundred Hints and Omnicron Girls by Piper Spray. The sample from Quilt's side of the split, "Yes Collapse," is a serious celestial overload while "Omnicron Girls," the title track from the Piper Spray cassette, propels itself along completely submerged. Orange Milk also has releases on the way from Caboladies, Mark Dwinnel (Forma) and La Big Vic. Label heads Seth (Quilt) and Keith (Giant Claw) also have a new project called Cream Juice. They just finished their first record.

Quilt - Yes Collapsed by orangemilk

Opie Piper Spray - Omnicron Girls - Omnicron Girls by orangemilk

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