Thursday, September 15, 2011


Trance Farmers has a Leaving Records related tape out soon. "Nibiru" is from that tape. Trance Farmers also has another tape available for free download. A while back I posted some demos from a previous project of his called day\\s. Dude also runs a label called Glue Moon Records. He came and played a show I threw together in Pittsfield last year.

Trance Farmers - Nibiru


I was sort of blindsided by Tomb of Transition, a new White Car CDR that was apparently self released and uploaded to Soundcloud for stream late last month. The CDR is a fine, somewhat less pained accompaniment to White Car's previous EP No Better, finding a creepy balance between industrial pounding, synthesizer squelches and techno swagger. White Car also has some sort of release or something coming out this month called Everyday Grace, which is supposedly out this month. Embedding is disallowed, so click here to stream the CDR in its entirety.


Got an email from "female laptop musician" June Kim a.k.a. K I N. One of her songs, "Diplopia," hit me in a particularly pleasant way, burbling electronics underneath with some sparkly electronics on top. Check that track and maybe some day soon there till be more.

K I N - Diplopia


I'm gona try and do more of these posts where I just put a few tracks I've been listening to together whether or not they're related or new or what not. I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to keep this blogspot going for quite some time and this might be the only way I can be productive about it. Anyway, enjoy and if you have any suggestions or whatever hit me in the comments or at

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