Monday, October 3, 2011


I've been sort of obsessed with the creepy new Angels In America album Narrow Road To The Interior, out now on Ehse Records. Inside we find AIA's female half Moppy Pont mumbling out spoken word terror over tense horror flick atmospheres, complete with dank, foggy drips and scratches from somewhere off in the distance. The entire record sounds pained, as if the spoken musings were squeezed up through Moppy's throat against her own will, like a near-empty tube of toothpaste gripped hard by a possessing force.

However, my favorite track is the least dark of the bunch. "Follow Me Out" actually sounds hopeful next to all the grey coffin sounds spread over the rest of the record, like dawn breaking on a mass grave where the falsely-presumed-dead are squirming their way out between the accurately-presumed-dead. Narrow Road To The Interior is available for free download and for purchase on vinyl LP and CD. A bunch more AIA material is available for free download from the Free Music Archive including a live WFMU set from last month.

Angels In America - Follow Me Out

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