Thursday, June 10, 2010


LOLFM is a trio from Northampton, Massachusetts who create pleasant, kraut-y electronic pop songs. To be entirely transparent, Eric Hnatow is a member and I would consider him a friend of mine at this point, but I hadn't heard much of his non-solo-project work aside from a few old Hnatiw songs. Not until recently, when he handed me what looked like a 10" record. It turned out to be a CD-R of LOLFM's album We Are Its Waves with a 10"-sized screen print like the above image.

Check out highlights below then grab the whole thing from Bandcamp. Then message the dudes for a screen print, maybe there's more.

LOLFM - Jansch

LOLFM - Floating Point


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funny comments aside, this is NOT AT ALL what i expected. HNATIW blew my mind in '04 by the way. no one was doing that shit. not like them anyway, without a shred of clear seriousness i mean. but they were serious underneath. i think.