Thursday, June 3, 2010


I met Ivan Mairesse last Summer at the Whitehaus Family's Weirdstock fest on the steps of the Cambridge, Massachusetts YMCA. He joined Julian Lynch onstage for his set and I got talking to him afterwords about how he knew Julian and his solo music and Madison and everything.

Fast-forward like nine months and I get a message from Ivan along with four songs he recorded during the first quarter of this year while living in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He now lives in San Francisco and will be recording more this Summer in Grand Junction, hopefully dropping some sort of tape release in the coming months.

The songs had been complementing the weather nicely until it turned to June - they meld cold starry nights with muggy late afternoons, perfect for the slow drip of Spring maple syrup harvest. A lonely drive down Route 9 between Dalton and Northampton is suddenly sweetened by burnt sap smells in my dirty station wagon, windows down or not. Eerily beautiful and heart-breaking.

Ivan Mairesse - Harvesting

Ivan Mairesse - Donkey Skin

(image via Google Search)

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