Friday, June 25, 2010


Total Slacker soldiers on with their real-talk version of pop-slack in the new song "Creepo's," which further confirms their mundane song topic expertise. Don't take that from me, though. This is what the band had to say about the song via email:

"its about trying to be friendly and enage w people at social thingys but getting cornered by a creepo, who wont let u go, and then later he finds you on facebook, and yr like freak... if i dont except his friend request then im a jerk, but if i do, hes gonna be creepin all the time on my page n shit... age old dilema"

The band also has their first 7" vinyl record out soon on Impose Records, featuring full/new versions of "Crystal Necklace" and "Video Store Rental Guy." The final version of the former sounds great, much cleaner than the demo that had been floating around the past few months.

Total Slacker - Creepos

Total Slacker - Crystal Necklace (7" version)

Total Slacker - Crystal Necklace (Demo)

Total Slacker - Stuck in 93

Total Slacker - Hangin' Tough (New Kids On the Block cover)

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A. said...

hahaa. tucker is the funniest person ever.