Monday, May 3, 2010

WMUA RADIO 05/03/10

Starting this week, the ICE CREAM PAINT JOB you may have grown to love will be no more. NOT TO FEAR - I am not gone altogether, instead I am reuniting with an old cohost, DJ DARMOK a.k.a. my friend Barry, for a Summer of the most partied-out jams, sensual seductions and late nite 40oz walks.

The program will air every Monday evening from 5:30-8PM, as always on 91.1FM WMUA in Amherst, MA. I feel compelled to use this space to bring up a small issue that has come up with our program director. I would like to preface this with saying that he is a really cool/nice guy who hosts a high-quality program on WMUA himself and has put in a lot of work for the station and I'm glad that there's kids at UMass that are as dedicated as him to independent radio. However, I don't think I want to and I don't think I can stay silent on one issue of censorship with regards to what we wanted to name our program.

DARMOK chose the name, "Making Love, Sexually." It's a reference to a song from the new season of Tim & Eric sung by the one and only David Leiber Mintz. The phrase is meant not to be shocking or even anywhere close to offensive, rather it's simply funny because of its redundancy. Unfortunately we have been disallowed from using this name as the title of our show because it (and this is a direct quote) "insinuates that rape is permissible." Now call me young and liberal, but is there any part of the failed show title that at all implies anything about rape, let alone whether it is permissible or not? Personally I think not, but I would like to hear what the general public thinks about this strange situation.

As of now we have not chosen a new name for our program.



Jheri Evans said...

The title sounds an awful lot to me like two people. Making love sexually. Not making rape sexually (or mentally?). I don't get how rape is inferred at all from "Making Love, Sexually". If it's rape then both people aren't making love, and scarcely is even one.

Also, my captcha is "Matheace" in case anyone wants to know.

Joey Gee said...

Thats refuckulous.

Matt said...

That's insane - maybe if it were called "Making Love, Forcibly" I could see the issue, but there's no love in rape (unless you're a really twisted individual). Just call the show "True Love" or something. Unless "love" is now a bad word lol.

md said...

got the ice cream jones

DARMOK said...

I may have an actual reason why we were disallowed. In brief - It's less of an issue in regards to the name itself and more of a broad stroke by a programmer who has (and these aren't my words but rather the words of another WMUA DJ) "puritanical views in regards to sex".

Personally? Free speech, it's NOT offensive, yadda yadda yadda.

Besides, I rather enjoy "Consensual Candy" as an alternate choice.
At least that implies rape.

Jheri Evans said...

I dig Consensual Candy if they'll let you use that.


Anonymous said...

would "Sexual Romance" be acceptable?

JeffGoldblumLife said...

dear anonymous -- absolutely not. trust me.