Sunday, May 16, 2010


Branches is Pedro Rios from Portugal. I was first introduced to him through a post on Salad Fork last month. Recently I've been digging Branches' Alto Astral cassette, which is available for free on Soundcloud. The excerpt below is two songs, "Vestido Vermelho" and "Palmeira Privada." This four-minute segment is my favorite, reminds me of something one might find on a Heaven Can Wait mixtape. Other parts remind me of Rangers and Happy Family but, like Lou noted, there's often this dub presence that reminded him of Forest Swords. I'm goin on somethin more spaced-out, like Edibles.

Check out the sample below, email Pedro for a tape and hold tight - dude's got a few releases brewin on Colour Ride and Solid Melts.

Branches - Alto Astral (excerpt)

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