Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last week Don't Die Wondering hosted the lads of Peace Age in symbiotic fashion, letting them take over the site and basically turn DDW into their own song-by-song Rock & Jock All Star Extravaganza. The only thing missing was Dan Cortese himself.

Nearly the entire Peace Age family was spanned so here's a run-down of almost all of the (mostly brand new) shit that was posted:

Rad little pop song, not really what I was expecting after the other few Best Hits jams I had heard. The older stuff seemed verging on club banger status. This reminds me more of that new Run DMT track or some lovely lil Ariel Pink ditty.

For whatever reason I haven't fully immersed myself in Polyester Raincoat despite a bunch of dudes (Peace Agers + Speculator Nick) telling me to. This collaboration with CH-Rom reversed that curse. I know I just said the previous track reminded me a bit of Ariel Pink, but I can't help but make the John Maus comparison here.

Digging on the 'new direction' over at Geist HQ. Their previous album Spiritual Exercises got the Peace Age ball rolling with some slightly subdued jams alongside more chaotic, less immediately booty-shaking zones. These new cuts, including "Night On Fire," sound like they could burst into a Go-Gos chorus at any moment.

Not that there's anything I've particularly come to expect from the Peace Age and their affiliates, but this Shrur track (presumably from their upcoming full-length 4 Shrur) would be a supreme introduction to anyone who had never heard the words "Peace" and "Age" simultaneously uttered before. You got CH-Rom, you got Twins, you got C Powers. I mentioned all-stars before for a reason.

Down this milk and work up a nice thirst -- new Mane Mane to drop on Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 4, out sooner than you think.

Peace Age's self-descriptions consistently leave the reader/listener feeling as though it would be silly to try and add or subtract anything to or from the conversation. Case in point:

"Like, if Frank Sinatra was Powerman 5000 and they had a kid, on acid."

And I'm fine with that. Cruisin is the Peace Age "mega-supergroup." Their album has been on the shelf since last summer, that is until recently. Shit absorbed some sense, jumped off the shelf and landed in your convertible, driving away with your dollar store sunglasses on and your million dollar gal in the passenger seat. You'll never see her again but it's okay - she was too cool for you anyway.

Possibly C Powers' most killer jam, at the moment anyway. Pumped this on the radio a bit about a month ago. Won't stop doing that anytime soon.

(image via Charlemane himself)


claire elise said...

"lads" / "dudes" = girls and boys and half boys and semi girls and used to be boys and future girls too.

JeffGoldblumLife said...

exactly. i'ma dude he'sa dude she'sa dude we're all dudes

nick said...

oozer jams coming zoon