Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Daniel Lopatin continues his lustful relationship with the screwed-up and smeared (see items A and B), providing visuals to oOoOO's down-tempo jam "Seaww." The track appears on the B-side of a new 7" split with White Ring's "Roses," out now on new Swedish imprint Emotion. I'd recommend U.S. purchasers to hold off on nabbing one until OESB starts carrying it, since it'll end up costing a pretty penny, but there's only 500 of them and you sure don't want to be the sucker who missed out, right? (EDIT: Actually, you can order the 7" from OESB now through their distro section)

Head on over to Emotion to stream both tracks and order the 7" from Scandinavia.



Keyboards Is Drunk offered up oOoOO's CD-R a while back. Maybe you can still cop that.

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